How Can I Help?

Sharing your story is a significant way to support your library, but there are other ways to get involved and lend your voice.

Speak Up for Your Library.
Register with South Central Library System to receive periodic updates on library issues related to the South Central Library System service area or your own local library.

Calculate Your Library Use Value.
What is the value of the services and resources provided by your public library? How much would you pay out-of-pocket if the library didn't exist, or if these services and resources weren't available at no cost?

Contact Your Legislators.
Contact your state or local legislators to let them know what libraries mean to you.

Support Your Public Library.
Contact your local library to make a financial contribution to the library or the library’s foundation.

Volunteer at Your Library.
Contact your local library to volunteer your skills, from shelving books to joining the Friends’ group or sharing your professional skills with the library.